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Aging & Independence Services

Aging & Independence Services

Aging & Independence Services offers more than 30 programs to aid seniors, persons with disabilities, abused adults and other groups, who would be at risk of institutionalization:

28,250 income- and need-eligible aged, blind and disabled residents received In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) including personal care and homemaker assistance, avoiding institutionalization

9,933 Adult Protective Services investigation of elder and dependent adult abuse were completed.  (NEW)

1,758 older adults were connected with volunteer opportunities 

117 Cool Zone sites were established from June to October and staff handled over  471 phone calls, distributed 168 fans and an equal number of CARE applications for SDGE bill assistance to keep residents cool

580,620 congregate meals were provided in 38 senior nutrition sites throughout the County, and 527,638 home delivered meals were provided to homebound seniors 


Public Administrator/Public Guardian/Public Conservator (PA/PG/PC) provides services to protect and manage the estates of decedents and at-risk individuals who are unable to make decisions for themselves:

1,700 referrals were investigated by PA/PG/PC 


Veterans Services helps veterans and their families secure benefits and other assistance:

6,946 veterans obtained assistance with college tuition waivers 

29,459 veterans assisted with access to service-related compensation and other benefits 

Aging & Independence Services