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Air Pollution Control District

Air Pollution Control District

The Air Pollution Control District continuously operates a network of ambient air quality monitors at 10 sites throughout the County to meet State and federal requirements.

Air Pollution Control District issues process and control equipment permits to facilities that emit air pollutants


393 permit applications received 


Inspection Activities

8,440 stationary source (facility) inspections

6,862  mobile source (on-road & off-road vehicles & equipment inspections

808 asbestos inspections

942 complaint inspections

1,250 enforcement documents issued

Business Assistance Activities

37 compliance assistance classes

17 community outreach events

Case Settlements

99% of cases settled without formal court action


Monitoring and Technical Services

476 source tests performed and witnessed


Mobile Source Incentives

Provided nearly $3.8 million in incentive funding for emission reduction projects.

NACO Award: Online Submittal of Gas Station Performance Test Reports


Air Pollution Control District