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Auditor and Controller

Auditor and Controller

The Auditor and Controller maintains accounts for the financial transactions of all departments and of those agencies or special districts whose funds are kept in the County Treasury. The department furnishes customer focused financial decision making support to the Board of Supervisors and the Chief Administrative Officer, and advances the goals and visions of the Board. Additionally, the department performs independent, objective and cost effective audit services. Finally, the department provides cost effective and efficient professional collections and accounts receivable management services to maximize recovery of monies due the County. 


Submitted 100% (1,360) of federal, State and local financial reports and annual financial statements that comply with regulations and reporting standards for County departments, outside government agencies, investors and taxpayers by their due dates to ensure accountability and transparency of financial transactions 

Issued over 109,000 Accounts Payable warrants totaling more than $984 million annually

Issued over 5,200 Accounts Payable electronic fund transfers totaling more than $710 million annually

Issued over 1,600 Accounts Payable related electronic payments (epayments) totaling more than $12 million annually

Accounts Payable reviewed over 273,544 invoices annually for validation

652,020 external warrants passed thru the County’s cash management system as a control against fraudulent warrants

Distributed over $6.47 billion in property tax, debt service, special assessments and miscellaneous revenues such as in lieu of taxes revenues, sales tax Prop 172, and Real Property Transfer Fee to the County, special districts, school districts and cities in 12 apportionments.

Total overall collections in the Office of Revenue & Recovery were over $17 million

Processed approximately 68,000 collection referrals totaling over $54 million annually

The Office of Audits & Advisory Services (OAAS) issued 114 audit recommendations, 43 with due dates on or before June 30, 2017, and 71 with future implementation due dates

93% (40 of 43) of audit recommendations contained in internal audit reports issued by OAAS were implemented on or before June 30, 2017

Processed 608 requests for destruction of records

Processed over 12,740 garnishments totaling over $2.6 million

Issued over 14,000 payments to victims totaling $2.6 million for restitution collected by Office of Revenue and Recovery on their behalf.

Generated over 247,000 payments from debtors including over 31,000 payments in full 

Added approximately 1,600 assets into the County’s capital assets inventory

Processed over 3,270 revenue accrual journals

Processed over $55 million in payments for capital projects.

Processed $141 million in Itrack billings

Processed $271 million in Prop 172 revenue distributions

Processed over 488,000 payroll checks totaling more than $1.39 billion

Processed over $308 million for payroll tax deposits

Processed 460 payroll related electronic payments to external entities totaling more than $15.2 million

Processed approximately 3.2 million pieces of mail for various County departments and external entities.

Received 8,243 payments via online/web from our customers

ORR has a success/quality rate of 91% in obtaining the necessary Telephone Consumer Protection Act customer consents

ORR sent just under 673,000 customer statements, and had over 209,000 communications with customers via inbound or outbound telephone calls