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Agriculture, Weights and Measures

Agriculture, Weights and Measures

The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures(AWM) protects public health, the environment and the County’s agricultural industry by educating the public, partnering with industry and enforcing laws and regulations.

Agriculture Production:

In San Diego County:

Total value of agricultural production is $1.7 billion produced on 243,029 acres.

Nursery and flower crops account for 69% or $1.2 billion of the overall value.

Fruit and Nut crops, including avocados and citrus, account for 19% or $332 million 


Top Agriculture Production

#1 Crop - Ornamental Trees and Shrubs - $402 million. 

#2 Indoor Flowering and Foliage Plants - $379 million. 

#3 Beddings Plants, Color & Herbaceous Perennials - $255 million. 

#4 Avocados - $122 million

Plant Health and Pest Prevention: The first line of defense in keeping unwanted pests out of San Diego County

444 nurseries inspected (a total of 9,488 acres) for pests and diseases

4,884 incoming plant shipments from high-risk pest areas inspected, 184 with actionable pest finds

537 unmarked parcels containing plant material intercepted by Dog Teams, 40 with actionable pests

8,822 international shipments certified 

258 Beekeepers registered, totaling 26,413 managed honey bee colonies in 671 apiary locations.


Pest Detection: Protected residential gardens and commercial produce from insidious pest infestations and avoided the widespread use of pesticides against new pests by placing and maintaining traps designed for early pest detection

202,158 insect traps placed and continually inspected in host trees in residential areas and nurseries

365,378 trap inspections were conducted 


Pesticide Regulation/Hazardous Materials Inventory: Enforces state pesticide laws and regulations 

1,334 pesticide compliance inspections completed

90 pesticide related investigations completed

754 pest control businesses registered to operate in the County 

78 Agricultural hazardous materials facilities inspected


Weights & Measures: Protects consumers by testing commercial weighing and measuring devices and performing price verification on Point-of-Sale systems (scanners)

52,279 commercial weighing and measuring devices inspected with 88.1% compliance rate

348 consumer complaints investigated regarding commercial meters, petroleum, and price overcharges

25,839 items scanned at 1,610 retail locations


Agriculture Standards/Agricultural Water Quality: Supports the sustainability of local agriculture, ensures a fair marketplace, and promotes healthy families

52 active farmers’ markets and 245 local growers certified in San Diego County

441 growers registered as organic

353 Agricultural Water Quality inspections conducted


Integrated Pest Control:Works under the Board of Supervisors' policy mandating the use of integrated pest management

3,238 acres of weed control performed on county roadside right-of-ways, airports, landfills, parks, water pollution control facilities, and flood control sites

171 acres of invasive weeds removed


NACO Awards:

Online Structural Notice of Intent Program

Honey Bee Protection Program

Maintenance Gardener Outreach Pilot Program

Certified Farmers’ Market Roadmap