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Medical Examiner

Medical Examiner

The Department of the Medical Examiner provides forensic death investigation services for the citizens of San Diego County, as mandated by State law. The department performs scene investigations, autopsies and external examinations, toxicology, histology, and administrative support.

Has jurisdiction of 38% of all deaths in the County

Enabled timely funeral service for families by making 99% of bodies released in 7 days or less of examination

Completed 82% of investigative reports in 60 days or less

Completed 99% of toxicology reports in 60 days or less

Completed 87% of examination reports in 60 days or less

Completed 83% of homicide examination reports in 60 days or less

Notified 88% of next-of-kin in 12 hours or less

Provided 97% of case report requests within 7 days or less

Contributed to research efforts in Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Autism and Schizophrenia, and sudden deaths with genetic causes by facilitating the provision of tissue samples in 55 cases to academin research organizations, with family consent

435 medical residents, students and first responders were trained in or observed a forensic investigation

Provided statistical data on drug-related deaths to 13 media outlets, researchers, laws enforcement and public health agencies, and to the County Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force and Methamphetamine Strike Force to aid in public understanding of and government efforts to combat the nationwide “opioid epidemic” 

Medical Examiner