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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) enhances quality of life by protecting public health and safeguarding environmental quality. DEH educates the public to increase environmental awareness and implements and conducts enforcement of local, state and federal environmental laws when necessary to protect public and environmental health.

Community Health Division

Responded to 8,175 complaints and requests for service about mosquitoes, rats, and flies

Investigated 1,114 aerial identified neglected swimming pools

Conducted 72 investigations involving radioactive materials or x-ray units

Food & Housing Division

Over 21,170 permitted facilities including retail food, public pools, public housing, body art and massage facilities

Conducted 51,997 inspections of these facilities

Oversight of more than 14,920 retail food facilities in San Diego County including over 7,700 restaurants 2,400 markets and 1,200 mobile food facilities

Issued 7,264 new health permits, not including temporary event permits

Renewed/processed 91 annual temporary event permits and 845 temporary single-event permits

Renewed/processed 1,047 annual temporary event food vendor permits and 2,654 temporary single-event food vendor permits

Inspected 2,581 temporary event food vendors

Responded to 114 food recalls, advising retailers of the recall and coordinating with them to ensure that affected foods were taken off the shelves

Responded to 1,898 complaints with an average response time of 2 days

Land & Water Quality Division

Reviewed 244 water well permits for new construction and destructions

Conducted 689 septic system installation inspections for new construction and repairs

Provided oversight for 149 small drinking water systems

Issued 516 monitoring well permits for new construction and destructions

Provided oversight for 185 mobile home and RV parks with over 16,370 spaces

Collected or evaluated 5,216 beach water samples

Completed 215 plan checks for recycled water projects

Conducted over 466 solid waste inspections

Hazardous Materials Division

Completed 7,460 inspections and informal enforcement actions

Initiated 92 formal enforcement actions

Investigated 947 complaint investigations and Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT) responses

Responded to 5,936 customer service calls and emails

Accepted 10,870 Hazardous Materials Electronic Reporting submittals

Received and processed 973 calls at the CERS Help Desk

Processed 1,114 plan check applications for facilities storing hazardous materials undergoing construction

Processed 220 Underground Storage Tank (UST) Plan Check applications; 23 for UST removals, 9 for new UST installations and 188 for UST repairs/modifications



NACO: Achievement Award: Making Camps Safer Through Communication, Education and Preparedness

Achievement Award: CERS Help Desk

CHMIA: Howard Eddy Award

ACA: Paul Somers Golden Acorn Award: Contributions to the field of Organized Camps

AMCA: Outstanding Vector Technician

Environmental Health