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Human Resources

Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources (DHR) is responsible for all aspects of labor relations and human resources management for the County of San Diego.



For the 4th consecutive year, DHR led the County and the HR Industry by receiving 10 NACo 2017 Achievement Awards for the following programs:

Active Shooter Drill

Aging Backward

Custom Medical Waiver Form in PS

Diversity Dashboards

D & I Marketing

Dynamic Out of Pocket Calculator

Employee Bike Program Tour de San Diego

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

Risk Assessment Collaboration

Youth Internship Program Connect 2 Careers 


Talent Development

DHR continues to develop the County workforce by offering professional development opportunities with the following results:

685,301 hours of LMS training completed

558,478 Training completions

Average of 41 hours of training completed per employee

331 Employees graduated from professional academies:

Administrative Support Academy – 32

Leadership Academy – 38

Finance Academy – 40

Professional Enrichment Seminars – 94

Supervisor Academy – 69

Next Level Supervising Onboarding - 58

Facilitated 12 Professional Development Training Series for a total of 70 classes.

91% of class participants were satisfied with the training they received and 91% reported that the provided learning opportunity demonstrated the County’s commitment to their professional growth. 88% of participants felt that the examples, materials and content of the training reflected the County’s commitment to a diverse workforce.

Secured 3 new education partners to offer tuition discounts to County employees for a total of ten partners with discounts ranging from 5% to 20%.

DHR Talent Development supported the Diversity and Inclusion initiative by facilitating 38 D&I related class offerings with a total of 1,535 participants.

DHR Talent Development collaborated and supported County Departments by providing 35 customized trainings and/or consultations.



Managed the flu shot campaign at 56 locations, with a total of 4,714 participants, a 5% increase over 2015/2016.

Employees took advantage of discounts via Perkspot with increased usage of 4.6% over FY 15/16 and over 1,900 new registrations.


HR Services

In support of attracting a skilled, adaptable & diverse workforce:

Attended 197 events including employer panels, employment workshops, career fairs and veteran summits. Spoke to over 5,702 veterans and their spouses 

Processed over 68,517 online applications for 7,392 positions

Processed 279 Classification Activity Requests 

Opened 553 recruitments (492 classified/61 unclassified)

157 new hires are veterans which is approximately 7%

In order to increase public safety, assisted Sheriff’s Department by recruiting 5,468 applicants to fill Deputy Sheriff positions.


Labor Relations

Negotiated four successor Memoranda of Agreement (ASDCE, DDAA, PDA, and SDDCCA), representing 9 out of 25 bargaining units and 1,180 employees.

Civil Service Commission heard 5 disciplinary cases of which 2 were upheld, one was reversed, and two were modified.

Represented management in 20 unemployment hearings resulting in a cost avoidance of $147,970.

Attended 50 labor management meetings with multiple unions.

Conducted 18 trainings for County staff at professional academies and HR meetings to update and educate on Labor Relations practices.


Risk Management

To provide insurance coverage for a variety of community events including bike races, garden tours, parades, etc., the Insurance Unit provided 290 Community Event Permits - an increase of 11.5% over FY 15/16.

To maintain fiscal stability, Workers’ Compensation achieved a cost avoidance $3,414,068 - flat to FY 15/16 through settlement negotiations and subrogation recovery, and settled 436 claims.

Completed a total of 5,280 background, 3,521 pre-employment medical exams, and 280 POST psychological exams.

Received a total of 432 unemployment insurance claims with a cost avoidance of $622,382 (as of 7/24/17).

Successfully Passed State DWC Audit. 

Successfully passed the CSAC EIA Audit with a 99% result.

Entered 28 contracts into the Exigis system in FY 16/17.

Supported and assisted in the Security Initiative.

Participated in Active Shooter Drill at the DA’s office.

Overall  - Security Action Plan Training – 4 sessions with 173 attendees (At CAC & COC for all departmental safety representatives)

Active Shooter training – 128 sessions with 3,128 Attendees. (CAC, COC and DA) Presented by Lt. Damon Blankenbaker.



New quarterly challenge - Fit for Life; 1,631 employees climbed 347,680,122 stairs, completed 173,840 miles, swam for 15,738 minutes, lifted weights for 214,320 minutes and cycled for 68,468 minutes

Awarded 102 bikes to the 2016 Wellness Heroes

184 teams (736 employees) participated in the Amazing Race, a 17.9% increase over previous year (2016)

Introduced the Amazing Race DiverseAbility course; 11 employees participated

1,581 employees participated in the new online Nutrition Challenge - Right this Weigh

1,663 employees participated in the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge an 9.6% increase an increase over the previous year 

4,840 employees attended the Wellness Expo, a 10.8% increase over previous year

Introduced Aging Backwards, an eccentrics exercise program; averages 30 employees per class

203 employees participated in the Healthy Cooking Demonstrations; 84.5% increase in participation over previous year

Conducted 2 Living Well with Diabetes classes (90 minute - 8 week class) 

Introduced 17 new health topics to our Lunch & Learn curriculum 

Increased Lunch & Learn offerings by 25.6% over previous year

Fitness classes participation rate: 90% female and 10% male

Lunch & Learn Sessions participation rate: 87% female and 13% male

Relaxation & Meditation participation rate: 90% female and 10% male



DHR continues to recruit and train employees as demonstrated by:

Overall 5% countywide vacancy rate

1,474 Regular County employees hired

1,055 TEMP employees hired

548 County employees retired

Trained & monitored Dept HR/payroll staff in processing over 80,000 HRIS transactions maintaining error rate of less than 1%

Human Resources