San Diego In Focus


The San Diego County Library (SDCL) aims to inform, educate, inspire and entertain. SDCL provides services at 33 branch libraries, 2 mobile libraries, 2 24/7 Library to Go Self-service Kiosks and online at

Circulate 11.4 million materials annually

programs for children, teens, adults

   4,276 (12.8%) were health and wellness

    3,017 (15%) were after-school

108,421 hours open

$4.29 million - value of the 175,379 hours donated by 3,711 volunteers.

1,435,381 – public internet and WiFi sessions

5.5 million visitors (all libraries)

1 new library, the 14,800 sf Imperial Beach Library opened April 15, 2017

Kindergarten Gear Up –  Reached a total of 1,038 children and parents/caregivers with curriculum provided over 10 sessions to improve academic and social skills in a pilot program developed in collaboration with academics at SDSU to help children and parents prepare for Kindergarten

5 Vet Connect Libraries – HHSA partnered with SDCL in order to provide remote video conferencing at select SDCL locations via the VetConnect system. This effort is led by HHSA’s Office of Military and Veteran Affairs (OMVA) in partnership with SDCL. SDCL played a large role in this program as we provided our technical expertise to develop a solution with HHSA and see it through with the ITO Desktop Engineering team. 2 new installations occurred in the last year.  HHSA’s VetConenct video conference system is currently implemented at 5 locations