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Office of Strategy & Intergovernmental Affairs

Office of Strategy & Intergovernmental Affairs

The CAO's Office of Strategy and Intergovernmental Affairs (SIA) manages the Legislative Program of the Board of Supervisors and responds to state and federal legislation that could affect the County.


STATE Advocacy

2,889 bills introduced in the State Legislature in 2017 and reviewed

1,163 bills tracked, analyzed and/or referred in 2017 due to potential impacts to County

70 legislative advocacy letters sent on behalf of the County in Sacramento

3 State Budget proposals reviewed and analyzed

17 formal positions taken on State Bills

Board Sponsorship Bills (2 TOTAL):

Two Bills Still Active in the Legislative Process

Juveniles: Protective Custody Warrants AB 1401

Tijuana River Valley Campground Funding SB 507

FEDERAL Advocacy

5 formal positions taken on federal bills

This figure does not include appropriations, grant requests, issues or other board generated outreach