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Planning & Development Services

Planning & Development Services

Planning & Development Services (PDS) was created in September 2012 with a new approach to doing business.  PDS combines the land development processes that used to be divided among various County departments — Planning and Land Use, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation, to create a seamless land use process that works efficiently, reduces customer costs and maintains the highest quality review standards.

Issued 12,959 building permits and conducted 36,369 building inspections per year

Processed 7,345 permits online

Processed 5,377 renewable energy permits

Code Compliance received 1,926 cases and resolved 1,818 cases

641 active discretionary projects

Completed 566 discretionary applications

Permanently preserved 376.06 acres of agriculture through the Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement (PACE) Program. To date a total of 1,761.75 acres of agricultural easements were acquired on 24 properties

Planning & Development Services