Live Well San Diego

In 2010, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors adopted the Live Well San Diego vision of a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving. Live Well San Diego includes three components:

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Improving the health of residents and supporting healthy choices

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Ensuring residents are protected from crime and abuse, neighborhoods are safe, and communities are resilient to disasters and emergencies

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Cultivating opportunities for all people and communities to grow, connect, and enjoy the highest quality of life

Progress Through Partnerships

Live Well San Diego involves everyone. Only through collective effort can meaningful change be realized in a region as large and diverse as San Diego County. Partners include cities and governments; diverse businesses, including healthcare and technology; military and veterans organizations; schools; and community and faith-based organizations. Most importantly, Live Well San Diego is about empowering residents to take positive actions for their own health, safety and well-being.

2017-2018 Annual Report

Live Well San Diego Year 8 Report

Community partners and County departments are working together to make the biggest impact. The Year 8 Annual Report highlights success stories submitted by Recognized Partners who are making positive changes in the lives of residents.

This community-based Live Well San Diego website includes resources for residents to get involved, best practice tools for organizations and recognized partners in every sector, and information about the Live Well San Diego Indicators, which measure the region’s collective progress.

Regional Leadership Teams

Teams of community leaders and stakeholders are active in each of the Health and Human Services Agency service regions. These teams have been involved in community improvement planning and are working to address priority needs over the next few years to support healthy, safe and thriving communities. They serve as a central point for planning and prioritizing collaborative action at the local level.

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North County Regions       760-967-4633
North Central 619-521-7460
East 619-668-3990
Central 619-521-7460
South 619-521-7460

Measuring Progress

How will progress be measured? The Live Well San Diego Indicators have been identified to capture the overall well-being of residents in the county. These Indicators are part of a framework that allows the County to connect a wide array of programs and activities to measureable improvements in the health, safety and well-being of every resident.

Live Well San Diego Indicators
Live Well San Diego Resources
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