Office of Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Leading a regional effort to reduce community exposures to health hazards.

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New Environmental Justice StoryMap Raises Awareness


The County of San Diego has created a new environmental justice (EJ) tool called a StoryMap to visually represent environmental health concerns in neighborhoods of the San Diego region by census tract.  This visual “library” of health indicators will help raise awareness on this topic and provide information for the public’s use in planning, advocacy, or education.

The StoryMap was created based on direction from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in July 2021 to integrate equity into the Regional Decarbonization Framework for a user-friendly regional portal for various datasets on equity and climate impacts. Learn how to use the tool 

Explore all indicators individually here. (asthma, diesel particulate matter, housing lead risk, low-income households, low food access, lacking park facilities, tree canopy)

Overlay census data and different indicators here.

The tool allows users to visualize their self-identified needs or explore areas or subjects they are concerned about. The census data is also a helpful regional baseline for communities to self-identify environmental justice issues in future planning efforts.


This Roadmap outlines the roles and responsibilities of the office. 

The County of San Diego is leading a regional effort to reduce community exposures to health hazards, led by its new Office of Sustainability and Environmental Justice (formerly Office of Environmental and Climate Justice). To ensure this Office focuses on health-related topics that are important to you, we invite you to share your experiences and insight during this online workshop regarding environmental and health hazards, both inside the home and in the neighborhood.

We want to hear about how your community is disproportionately impacted by environmental burdens such as air pollution and related health problems, as well as education, communication, and engagement needs that may be addressed by the Office. 


Please check back for more information as we create the office and add resources. 

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