San Diego County Emergency Operations Plan


The San Diego County Emergency Operations Plan was recently approved by the County Board of Supervisors in September 2014. The plan is used by all key partner agencies within the county to respond to major emergencies and disasters.

The cities are encouraged to adopt the Emergency Operations Plan as their own with modifications as appropriate. The current plan was updated in 2014 by the Office of Emergency Services and the Unified Disaster Council of the Unified San Diego County Emergency Services Organization.

Complete 2014 Plan with all Annexes

Executive Summary

Basic Plan

Annex A - Emergency Management

Annex B - Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid Operations

Annex C - Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Operations

Annex D - Multi-casualty Operations

Annex E - Public Health Operations

Annex F - Medical Examiner Operations

Annex G - Care and Shelter Operations

Annex H - Environmental Health Operations

Annex I - Communications

Annex J - Construction and Engineering Operations

Annex K - Logistics

Annex L - Emergency Public Information

Annex M - Behavioral Health Operations

Annex O - Animal Services

Annex P - Terrorism

Annex Q - Evacuation