Invested in Community

Fiscal Year 2023-24 CAO Recommended Budget

The County includes 18 cities and a large unincorporated area. 

18 Incorporated Cities

Unincorporated Area


In the unincorporated area, County government does what a city government would typically do, like provide public safety and maintain parks, libraries and roads.

County government also does things for the entire region, like making sure people have access to food, housing and health care, along with responding to disasters and supporting the justice system.

$8.11 billion

20,337 total employees

Where does funding come from?

 Federal, state or other governments

Property taxes

Fees for services

Other sources

Major Investments

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Homelessness and Housing

Sustainability and Fighting Climate Change

Justice Reform

Investing in Working Families

Healthy and Safe Communities

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