Get To Know The Recommended Budget

See how the multibillion-dollar budget affects you and your community.

County government provides many services that support the entire county, covering those who live in local cities seen in the gray section of the map and the unincorporated area in the green section. These include things like social service assistance, health programs, foster care, adult protective services, food and restaurant inspections, and elections. 

For those who live in the unincorporated area, County government is responsible for things a city government would typically do, like provide police and fire protection as well as maintain parks, libraries and roads.

18 Incorporated Cities

Unincorporated Area

Major Investments


Roads, libraries, parks and other community enhancements.

Behavioral Health

Mental health and substance use support.


Access to shelter, housing, and other services to ensure people have a safe place to life.


Housing opportunities to meet community needs.

Support Services

Nutrition, health, financial and other programs to help vulnerable individuals and families.

Public Safety

Law enforcement and fire protection.

Justice Reform

Transforming the justice system to ensure equity and accountability.

Public Health & Protection

Keeping communities healthy and preventing illness.

Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the natural environment to preserve it for future generations.

Important Dates

May 2

Recommended Budget Released

Online comments open

May 14 &16
10 AM

Budget presentations to Board of Supervisors

May 23 5:30 PM
May 29 6 PM

Community Budget Meetings

June 4 at 9 AM
June 6 at 5:30 PM

Public Hearings on Recommended Budget

June 13
5 PM

Budget Hearings Formally End
online comments close 

Revised Recommended Budget Released

June 25

Budget Deliberations and Adoption

Where does funding come from?

Federal, state or other governments

Fees for services

Other sources

Property taxes

Get Involved!

Review & Comment May 2 - June 13

Download the Budget Poster:

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