County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation

2022-23 Budget

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recration enhances the quality of life in San Diego County by providing exceptional parks and recreation experiences and preserving significant natural resources. Learn more by visting sdparks.org, or by following us on social media:

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Budget in Millions


$70.7M FY 22-23 285
17.6% change from FY 21-22 14.5%
Volcan Mountain Group Hike

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) promotes environmental ambassadorship, health and wellness, safe communities and civic pride through thousands of programs including interpretive hikes and bike rides, educational workshops, nature discovery tables, classes, camps, volunteer activities, community festivals and more. Offerings enrich the lives of all patrons with a special focus on families, seniors, people with disabilities and at-risk youth. Staff work daily to protect, maintain and sustain 156 park locations featuring 384 miles of trails across 56,000 acres of land. DPR is part of the County of San Diego's Land Use & Environment Group (LUEG). Other departments in this group include: Agriculture, Weights & Measures; Environmental Health & Quality; Planning & Development Services; Public Works; and  San Diego County Library.



Tackling the Climate Crisis


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Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in unincorporated areas per the County's Climate Action Plan Update

Implement sustainability plans to reduce reliance on natural resouces $201K

Complete water conservation and smart water use projects $200K

In partnership with other departments, add more EV charging stations at DPR parks and facilities $100K

Promote green building and solar energy use -$4.2M (FY21-22 rollover)

Protecting Natural Resources


Preserve land to protect species (MSCP and new North MSCP) $7.5M

Apply MSCP goals and objectives $2.2M

Complete biological and cultural monitoring to track and protect native species $1M

Conduct land stewardship activities to foster safe and healthy habitats, and park opportunities for generations to come $2.5M

Support stewardship of the Rancho Lilac and Tijuana trans-boundary water protection/flow projects $950K

Continue work to improve Tijuana River Valley land, trails, gardens and other amenities $2.45M

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daily life

Daily Life:  Live, Drive, Work, Play, Eat, Learn


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Operate 156 parks, 56,000 acres of parkland, and 384 miles of trails $30.9M

Maintain existing tree canopy $1M

Plant 3,500 new trees $2M

Clean up homeless encampments to improve park conditions and safety while sharing resources with unhoused residents $1M

Implement teleworking and alternate work schedules, where possible, to support work/life balance

Offer premier events such as Summer Movies in the Park, Green Friday, Hawktober, the biannual Warrior Hike Challenge and the Parks and Recreation Champion Awards to attract more people to new parks, where staff can share recretion recommendations, health and safety tips, and fun outdoor experiences

Continue offering hundreds of free events at parks - promoted thorugh seasonal program guides, websites and social media







Empowering People

Empowering & Improving Lives


SD Nights
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Run Safe Destination (SD) Nights, serving 8,000 youth and providing youth employment $1.1M

Use data to understand, track and address community needs; revise relevant programs/projects $96K

Improve accessibility through annual ADA improvements at County facilities $650K

Train employees on equity, diversity and inclusion to improve staff + customer relations $400K

Advance cutting-edge policies through collaboration, research, and monitoring industry trends and best practices $95K

Complete the East Otay Regional Trail Alignment Study -$450K (FY21-22 rollover)

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Connecting & Involving

Connecting & Involving More People


Involve the community in projects through live and online meetings, events and gatherings $83.5K

Where possible, translate information into eight local languages $4K

Create an introductory camping program and schedule youth/teen outdoor trips $100K

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Infrastructure Safety & Reliability


Complete ongoing maintenance for weed management, invasive species removal and other measures to protect parks and people; help prevent widfires via vegetation control, education and park amassadorship $7.26M 

Maintain park equipment and facilities to provide safe and enjoyable park experiences for millions of San Diegans - with $3.11M in preventative projects and infrastructure improvements

Protecting Health

Protecting Health



Complete a Facility Condition Assessment for small water systems, to protect water sources and provide safe drinking water 


Capital Projects



Manage a portfolio of 104 capital improvement projects to renovate, construct and maintain diverse park properties