October 29, 2021

Planning Commission Hearing

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1. Adopt a Resolution Authorizing Teleconferenced Public Meetings Pursuant to Government Code Section 54953(e) 

AB 361 Initial Resolution

AB 361 Renewal Resolution



2. Fallbrook Regional Health District Community Health and Wellness Center; PDS2019-MUP-76-141W2; PDS2019-ER-77-02-002B; Fallbrook Community Plan Area

Staff Report


3. AT&T South County Animal Shelter Wireless Telecommunication Facility Major Use Modification; PDS2020-MUP-10-038W1; PDS2020-ER-00-18-006D; Sweetwater Community Plan Area

Staff Report


G-1. Meadowood Revised Map; PDS2021-TM-5354R2; Fallbrook Community Plan

Report Memo

Focused Traffic Analysis

Correspondence Received