The Built Environment and Transportation measures proposed in the CAP aim to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing the number and length of vehicle trips through smarter land use planning, increasing the use of alternative modes of transportation, and encouraging a shift to electric and alternatively-fueled vehicles.

The County of San Diego’s rural character, with over 90 percent being open space or undeveloped, contributes to the number and length of vehicle trips. To help reduce the impact of vehicle miles traveled, the County will focus on such measures as updating Community Plans, open space conservation, and improving roadways to include bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

The Built Environment and Transportation category is composed of four strategies and 13 measures with supporting efforts. The CAP’s Built Environment and Transportation measures will contribute:

  • 1% of GHG reductions needed to meet the 2020 target;
  • 13% of GHG reductions needed to meet the 2030 target;
  • 51% of GHG reductions needed to meet the 2050 goal.


Strategy T-1 – Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled
        Measure T-1.1 – Acquire Open Space Conservation Land
        Measure T-1.2 – Acquire Agricultural Easements
        Measure T-1.3 – Update Community Plans

Strategy T-2 – Shift Towards Alternative Modes of Transportation
        Measure T-2.1 – Improve Roadway Segments as Multi-Modal
        Measure T-2.2 – Reduce Emissions from New Non-Residential Development Vehicle Miles Traveled
        Measure T-2.3 – Reduce County Employee Vehicle Miles Traveled
        Measure T-2.4 – Shared and Reduced Parking in New Non-Residential Development

Strategy T-3 – Decarbonize On-road and Off-road Vehicle Fleet
        Measure T-3.1 – Use Alternative Fuels in New Residential and Non-Residential Construction Projects
        Measure T-3.2 – Use Alternative Fuels in County Projects
        Measure T-3.3 – Develop a Local Vehicle Retirement Program
        Measure T-3.4 – Reduce the County’s Fleet Emissions
        Measure T-3.5 – Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Strategy T-4 – Invest in Local Projects to Offset Carbon Emissions
        Measure T-4.1 – Establish a Local Direct Investment Program