Graffiti on Your Property

If you find graffiti on your property, you should remove it immediately. By doing so, you will discourage further graffiti. Graffiti vandals want to gain recognition for their work and once they realize that their graffiti will be removed quickly from a location, they will ultimately be deterred from striking there again.

Reporting Graffiti in Progress

If you see graffiti vandalism in progress, call 858-565-5200 and report it immediately to the Sheriff’s Department. Do not confront the vandals. Although they may appear to be harmless, they may be carrying weapons. A Deputy will respond based on the priority of the crime compared to others for which they have calls at the time.

Reporting Existing Graffiti in the unincorporated County Region

If you see graffiti in your neighborhood on public or private property, report it immediately. Many companies and public agencies are quick to remove graffiti on their property if they are notified directly. If you notice graffiti on any of the following structures please notify the agencies or companies directly by calling the phone number or clicking on the appropriate link above the respective photo(s).  

If you cannot determine the owner of the vandalized structure please fill out our request for investigation or call us at 858-694-2705 to report the graffiti.

Department of Public Works removes graffiti from structures in the public right of way




Code Compliance investigates graffiti reports regarding private property
Click on Request for Investigation








 Cox Cable





Time Warner Cable



800-572-4545 or via email:



Otay Water District



Mt. Helix Water District



Unites States Postal Service equipment/property






Metropolitan Transit System (transit benches and enclosures)




Waste Management



EDCO Waste
East and South County 619-287-7555         North County 760-744-2700


To report Graffiti located in a city:
SAN DIEGO, CITY 619-525-8522
CARLSBAD 760-434-6700
CHULA VISTA 619-691-5198
VISTA 760-726-1340 x1611
NATIONAL CITY 619-336-4545
ESCONDIDO 760-839-4650
POWAY 858-668-1234
EL CAJON 619-441-5533
LA MESA 619-667-7560
LEMON GROVE 619-825-3807
SANTEE 619-258-4195 ext. 104