If you have specific information that a County code violation may exist in your neighborhood or near your business, you may file a request for investigation. We have an online form created to provide our County residents an additional option to file a complaint. You may also stop by our Monday through Friday during public office hours or one of the Code Compliance Storefronts, How to Contact Us.

Important Information

  • Do you know if your concern can be investigated by Code Compliance? About Us
  • San Diego County Code Compliance only investigates complaints about private property in the unincorporated communities of San Diego County.
  • In some situations it’s better to better to try and resolve issues between you and your neighbor first before contacting us. Explaining how you are personally impacted by the situation often helps open the door to communication. Also consider contacting a Mediation group who has staff to assist you in an effective dialogue with your neighbor which can lead to resolution. You can find contact information for these groups on line or in your phone book under Mediators.
  • We do not accept anonymous complaints.
  • Complaints involving public life/safety issues or environmental hazards are always given priority.
  • The County seeks voluntary compliance. However, fines and penalties are issued when necessary.
  • Many factors determine how quickly a case is resolved such as willingness and/or ability of a property owner to comply, complexity of the violation(s), pending legal litigation, processing of zoning or building permits, number of cases being handled by staff etc.
  • The County can exercise its discretion when deciding if, when and how to take enforcement action.
  • A violation of County codes and regulations is only determined by County staff.
  • We cannot accept request lists containing multiple properties. We have found that neighborhoods do not support this type of enforcement and it prevents us from providing services to other County residents.

Before You Place Your Request for Investigation

At a minimum, the County requires the following information to investigate your complaint:

  • Type of complaint (abandoned vehicles, building, brushing and clearing, grading, graffiti, trailer coaches, waste, or zoning).
  • Your name, address and contact information such as phone number or email address where you can be reached
  • A brief description of your concern
  • The location of the request (street address, Assessor Parcel Number)

Any information that you are aware of about the property in question or its owner would be helpful such as an email or phone number, does the property owner live elsewhere, are the occupants tenants etc.

If your complaint has to do with removal of fire hazards, you have to contact the local fire districts or the CA Department of Forestry (CDF).

The County Code Enforcement office does not investigate complaints regarding combustible vegetation (weed), dead, dying or diseased trees, green waste, rubbish, and other materials. The County only abates orders issued by the local fire districts and CDF.

Our Process

Generally staff will contact you within 3 business days of receipt of your complaint. Your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone and will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible allowed by law. Staff will explain the procedures and enforcement process for your complaint.

Filing a Request for Investigation

If you wish to file a request on line please click  Online Request for Investigation and select "Apply for a Record" under the PDS section. 

If you wish to file a request in person, please click How to Contact Us

Online scheduling for appointments is now available!