Liberty Bell Plaza

PDS2017-STP-17-037; PDS2019-BC-19-0104; PDS2017-ER-17-08-010

The project proposes a Site Plan and Boundary Adjustment to construct approximately 81,884 square feet of commercial retail within an 8.5 acre site. Included within the total 81,884 square foot of commercial retail use is a 50,097 square foot Market, a 3,558 square foot drive-through facility, a 1,215 square foot convenience market/gas station with 12 fueling pumps, a 3,000 square-foot commercial building, a 10,042 square-foot commercial building, a 3,065 square-foot commercial building, and a 10,097 square-foot commercial building. The project includes 378 parking stalls. The project is located east of the intersection of Valley Center Road and Mirar de Valle within the Valley Center Community Planning Area within unincorporated San Diego County. The site is subject to the Village Regional Category and the General Commercial Land Use Designation. The Zoning Use Regulation for the site is General Commercial (C-36) with “B” and “F” Special Area Designators. The project is consistent with the requirements of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Access would be provided by a driveway connecting to Valley Center Road at Mirar de Valle, a County-maintained road, as well as a secondary access to Charlan Road. Water and sewer service would be provided by Valley Center Municipal Water District. Proposed earthwork quantities for the project consist of approximately 1,720 cubic yards of cut and 25,880 cubic yards of fill for a net import of 13,794 cubic yards of fill.

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Project Contact: Bradley Sonnenburg | | (858) 694-3640


PUBLIC DISCLOSURE (March 5, 2020 - April 6, 2020)