Feasibility Analysis on Tiered Winery Expansion

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On July 14, 2021, the Board of Supervisors directed the Chief Administrative Officer to investigate the feasibility of expanding the Winery Ordinance into additional Zoning Ordinance Use Regulations, such as Rural Residential, and to return with options to the Board for further direction. Rick Engineering (Consultant). is developing a feasibility analysis for the unincorporated area, which will analyze the feasibility of winery expansions into other zones that currently do not allow winery operations. This action does not amend the Tiered Winery Ordinance. 

This analysis  will be coordinated with the Sustainable Land Use Framework project and will take vehicle miles traveled (VMT) into consideration. The final proposed feasibility analysis will  develop options to present to the Board to provide staff with further direction. The Consultant is collecting GIS data including, but not limited to, parcel level mapping of all current wineries, areas zoned Rural Residential, and agricultural   lands. The analysis can inform potential code changes that could result in winery development in the unincorporated area into zones such as Rural Residential. 

Public Meeting #1

This meeting was held on 5/11/23 and was the first public meeting on the Feasibility Analysis Tiered Winery Expansion.

Project Timeline

July 14, 2021 Board Direction
March - August 2023 Research and Analysis
May - July 2023 Public Workshops
Summer/Fall 2023 Board of Supervisor Hearing

For additional information, please contact the Project Manager Rouya Rasoulzadeh at Rouya.Rasoulzadeh@sdcounty.ca.gov