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Urban Camp - Girls

Girls Rehabilitation Facility

The Girls’ Urban Camp (GUC) is an intensive, highly structured program serving up to 50 girls between the ages of 13 and 18. The rehabilitation process focuses on Cognitive Restructuring – the idea that behavior is based on thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Our goal is to provide a safe, structured, and caring environment, which promotes each girl's personal growth. Each girl will have an individualized treatment plan tailored to her specific needs to successfully modify her behavior patterns, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. An on-site, state-certified school operates 5 days a week meeting each girl’s educational needs. Tutoring is available for GED study and remedial work. All credits are transferable to San Diego County school districts.

Parent Orientation gives UC staff the opportunity to discuss with parents the UC rules, visiting hours, detailed information pertaining to the program phases, personal hygiene items, and the expectations for their child. At orientation, parents are given information about their child’s program and all questions and concerns are addressed.

Family Counseling is provided every Thursday evening. This is a group session that offers parents additional tools and parenting tips to assist in the transition of the child back home. Those wishing to participate in individual family sessions should contact the UC’s Mental Health staff.  

Parent Empowerment offers additional tools to assist parents to help their child change the behavior that brought them before the Court. 

Personal Hygiene items 
UC provides all youth with basic toiletries and necessary clothing. However; when the minor reaches the Journey phase of the program she is eligible to receive special personal hygiene items. These items are provided by the youth’s parents if they choose to purchase them.  Acceptable types of items will be discussed during parent orientation. These items can only be brought into the facility the first week the minor reaches Journey level. Replacement products can be brought in on following visits.