San Diego County Fire Protection District  Safe Swimming Program

Why:  To help raise awareness and prevent drownings, the San Diego County Fire Protection District is giving out free pool alarms to interested residents that have an above or in ground pool/spa at their residence. For more information, watch the Pool Alarm Video

When: The alarm will be delivered to the applicant’s residence and valuable education will be offered by County Fire personnel. 

Who: Eligible residents (insert address in map below) are those who live in the San Diego County Fire Protection District or Deer Springs Fire Protection District and who have an above or below ground pool or spa. This is a first come first service program, limited quantities are available. 

How to apply:  Fill out an Application Form / Formulario de solicitud. Included in the Application Form is a Pool Alarm Use Agreement that requires signature by the property owner or the property occupant, whichever is applicable to you. Once the Application Form is complete and the Pool Alarm Use Agreement is signed, return the documents to the Community Risk Reduction Division either:

Contact Information



San Diego County Fire Protection District

Attn: Pool Alarm Program

5560 Overland Avenue, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92123      


A County Fire team member will contact you within five business days of receiving your application.

Download the PDF flyer
Map of eligible residents within San Diego County/Deer Springs



Eligible Residents are located in San Diego County Fire Protection and Deer Springs Fire Protection District  

(blue area of map)

Click the Image for interactive map.


Frequently asked questions

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  • What can you expect when the item is delivered to your home?

    This is an opportunity for a County Fire specialist to discuss best practices to prevent drowning with the household, which can include learning the basics of swimming and water safety, supervising closely, installing fences that fully enclose pools, knowing CPR, and for added measure, installing a pool alarm.

  • What product is being offered through this program?

    The device is the Pool Patrol Model PA-30. It is an alarm with a battery-operated remote receiver designed to sound an alarm should a child or pet fall into a pool. This model sounds the alarm at the site of the alarm and where the remote receiver is placed (up to 200 feet). The Pool Patrol has wave detecting technology designed to protect loved ones and keep your pool safe and enjoyable. The Pool Patrol floats on the pool surface and will activate when children or pets (15 lbs. or more) fall into the pool, creating a wave. The PA-30 will sound a clear warning alarm at the pool (PA-30 location) and sound an alarm remotely where the remote receiver(s) are placed. A more detailed product description can be found in the application form.

  • How do I determine if I am eligible for this program?

    Is there an above or in-ground pool or spa at your residence? If the answer is YES, then please proceed to review the map above to verify that your home is in the eligibility area. If you live in the area shaded in blue, you are eligible!

  • What should I have prepared when you come to deliver and install the swimming pool alarm in my pool/spa?

    Just be prepared to learn! A County Fire specialist will teach you how to use the device as well as best practices to prevent drowning. An individual that is 18 or older will need to be present, but we’d encourage any members of the household to be there to benefit from the education. County Fire will supply a 9-volt alkaline battery that is needed to operate the alarm. The remote wireless receiver is powered by a 120-volt A.C. wall transformer.


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