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At San Diego County Housing and Community Development Services, we have developed a pARTnerships program, which is a unique opportunity to showcase your art in our building. We invite you to share your talent with the public. Art helps us explore other cultures. It helps us better understand what it means to be human no matter where we’re from or where we live or how we live.

We encourage amateurs and professional artists, youths, seniors, disabled, veterans and every other interested person to participate in this new program that will display your work in our building. If you would like to temporarily loan artwork for us to display, we ask that you:

  1. Complete the artist application
  2. Submit either a resume, organizational mission statement or a paragraph providing information and background of the artist(s). 
  3. Send in photographs or digital images that accurately represent the pieces you wish to display. The title and artist name(s) should be on each photo or digital image submitted. 
  4. Provide a list with a description of the pieces that include the medium, format, dimensions, weight (if more than five pounds) and anything else unique about the piece the committee may need to know. 
  5. Once approved, complete and sign the pARTnership agreement.

What is the pARTnerships program?

This program was created by the San Diego County Housing and Community Development Services (HCDS) department to showcase local artists’ work by displaying it in our building at 3989 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA  92123. Artwork will be on display in the public areas and in the limited access areas of the two-story building.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to represent the diverse communities in our region and to encourage an interactive partnership between our department and the people we serve. We invite participation from amateurs and professional artists, youths, seniors, disabled, veterans and any other interested person.

What types of art are accepted for display?

  • Paintings of all physical media; not including digital or electronic art
  • Other works of visual art such as prints, drawings, stained glass, carvings, mosaics, fiber and textiles, photographs and collages
  • Crafts or artifacts constructed of clay, wood, metal, glass, stone, plastic and other materials
  • The size and weight of each piece will be reviewed by the pARTnerships committee to determine if HCD has the space and capacity to display the artwork.
  • The committee will notify the artist if their piece(s) is accepted for display.

What needs to be submitted to the pARTnerships committee?

  • If the artwork is approved for display, the artist will need to complete and sign the pARTnership agreement.

What if the artists need their pieces returned for some reason?

The artists may contact the committee and submit a petition to breach the contracted display dates. Similarly, if the pARTnership committee decides the pieces are no longer needed, it may remove them from display and contact the artists for pick-up.

Can the art work be offered for sale?

We cannot post a price on the artwork, but we can attach a label with the artists’ contact information. The artist may also hang a matted, framed resume next to the artwork. Anyone who expresses an interest in buying the artwork will be directed to the artists’ contact information.

Who is responsible for any damages to the art?

The artist understands the County/HCD is not liable for any theft, damage or loss of the artwork. The artist is responsible for obtaining any desired insurance for the work. Additionally, the County/HCD is not liable for, and the artist will defend and indemnify the County and its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers, against any and all claims which arise out of or are in any way connected to the artist’s display of artwork at HCD under the Agreement.

Who decides which art will be displayed?

The pARTnerships Committee will consider the following:

a) There must be aesthetic merit in the work of art. The term “aesthetic” means that the artwork is pleasing in appearance to the average person.

b) The artwork must be of interest to the general public. The artwork must have universal, and not particularized, appeal in order to attract a broad audience.

c) The artwork must be compatible in scale, material, form, and content to the HCDS building. Compatibility is determined in the sole discretion of the pARTnerships Committee.

d) The purpose of the program is not to create a marketplace for art or to create a forum for public political debate, but rather to encourage the community’s appreciation of artwork in a venue where it may be viewed by all community members.

Accordingly, HCDS will not approve artwork that implies that the County is sponsoring or endorsing any commercial establishment or business (although an artist may place contact information near their approved and posted artwork).

Furthermore, the Department may reject artwork that associates the County with a position other than neutrality on matters of political controversy.

e) Submission of an application does not guarantee participation in the program. All applications/art submitted will be accepted at the sole discretion of the pARTnerships Committee.

f) The artwork must not be controversial, offensive, obscene, and/or intimidating, nor may the artwork incite tension and/or encourage violence.

g) The artwork must not endanger public safety and must comply with building codes and accessibility requirements.

h) The artwork must not require excessive maintenance.

i) There is no appeal process if the piece is not selected. However, the artists are welcome to submit the artwork at another time if they would like it to be reconsidered.

j) The pARTnerships Committee and the exhibits will strive for diversity in style, scale, media and artists represented.

k) The artwork must be original artwork; replicas of another artist’s work will not be accepted.


Who is responsible for setting up and taking down the art, and transporting the art to and from the HCD building?

The pARTnership committee is responsible for displaying the artwork and will coordinate the hanging of the art. The committee will select where the artwork is displayed.

The artist is responsible for preparing the artwork for display including having it framed or attaching the appropriate hardware to the piece. The artist may deliver and pick up the art pieces or the pARTnership committee will arrange for it. The artwork must be picked up or returned to the artist within 10 days of the end of the exhibit. If no agreed-upon arrangements have been made by the end of the 10-day period to return or pick up the artwork, HCDS may dispose of the artwork in accordance with the County of San Diego terms.

Where is the application?

The pARTnership application

We look forward to pARTnering with you!


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