Grant Information

This page is intended to provide information for businesses who have received a grant and for historical information on which businesses were awarded a grant.

Documentation of Grant Expenditures

Small Business Stimulus Grant Program Board Approval

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors (“Board”) approved $47.5 million of the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund and County General Fund funds for economic stimulus for restaurants and small businesses. Furthermore, the Board approved $33.0 million of the American Rescue Plan Act funds for additional economic stimulus to small businesses.

Small Business Stimulus Program Awards – Historical:

Additional Small Business Stimulus Grant Recipients

11/17/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting

10/27/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting

10/13/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting

09/29/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting

09/15/2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting


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