Water and wastewater measures focus on increasing water efficiency in appliances in new residential development, reducing treated water used in landscaping within new residential development and at County facilities, and helping unincorporated county residents capture and utilize rainwater at home. Measures in this sector will help the County achieve reductions of 14,148 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2020 and 17,622 in 2030.


Strategy W-1 – Reduce Potable Water Consumption

Strategy W-2 – Increase Rainwater Use


Climate change magnifies the frequency, severity, and length of drought conditions in our region and state. Reducing indoor and outdoor water use and capturing rainwater for irrigation results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction, processing, and transportation of treated water.


  • Reduced County facility water consumption by 13% in 2018 from 2014 levels
  • Distributed 281 rain barrels in 2018 and 7,318 barrels since 2015!