Local Efforts on the Big Issues



Species and habitats are becoming extinct due to human activity. This causes an imbalance in natural processes like pollination and poses a threat to ecosystems – coral reef destruction is particularly affected. The past 50 years have seen a rapid growth of human consumption, population, global trade and urbanization, resulting in humanity using more of the Earth’s resources than it can replenish naturally. (source: www.Earth.org) 

Below is a look at the work being done locally by the County and an external organization on this topic. 



County Work on This Important Topic

Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP)County Conservation Projects

The MSCP is a unique framework that helps the County preserve San Diego's native habitats and wildlife for future generations. This program works across political boundaries and balances regionwide conservation efforts with streamlined building regulations and permit processes to support healthy community growth. There are two existing plans (South and East County) and the North County plan is being developed.

Resource Management Plans

These guidance documents are part of the MSCP and the County uses them to manage and preserve biological and cultural resources within the various properties owned by the County Parks and Preserves.

Native Plant Landscaping Options
We are currently evaluating options for increasing the use of native plants in landscaping to achieve a range of benefits including biodiversity and habitat preservation, increased drought tolerance, local market development, and others.


Education: Our Parks and Recreations department provides youth programs that immerse them in nature-related activities to help develop an appreciation for the outdoors, teaches environmental stewardship, and empowers them to take part in resource preservation. 


Purchase of Agricultural Conservation EasementsPACE Program

The PACE program promotes the long-term preservation of agriculture in the County. Through this program, willing agricultural property owners are compensated for placing a perpetual easement on their property that limits future uses to agriculture. As a result, the agricultural land is preserved, and the property owner receives compensation making the land’s continued use for agriculture more viable.

Environmental Education for Youth

The County Department of Parks and Recreations has various youth programs that immerse them in nature-related activities, develop an appreciation for the outdoors and environmental stewardship, and empower them to take part in resource preservation. 

Apiary Program

The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures' programs help preserve and sustain vital ecosystems in our region. The Apiary Program supports beekeepers in raising healthy and gentle bee colonies. The department advances awareness of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats, beetles, and other small mammals.


The Nature Conservancy was officially formed starting in 1950 with community advocacy around a60-acrea forest in New York, and a name change and incorproation as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia in 1951.  Learn more about its history.

The mission of the Nature Conservancy is to solve climate change and biodiversity loss. They are determined to make a major difference by 2030 by tackling the dual threats of accelerated climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss. The organization affects change by bringing together real-world solutions, policy expertise, sustainable financing and collaborative partnerships.

The Nature Conservancy has partnered with both public agencies and private individuals to acquire essential lands and influence policy with respect to development, land use and public conservation funding. 

In San Diego, they are shaping conservation strategies and have developed approaches that have served as a blueprint for maintaining biological diversity in rapidly developing regions in other parts of the country. Learn more about how they protect San Diego lands including the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, San Diego Backcountry and our Borderlands.

TNC avocates for prioritizing biodiversity to protect the health of our environment, food supply, and economies. You can learn more and watch a video on biodiversity.