Volunteer Opportunities - Environment

Aging & Independence Services

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

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Volunteers, age 50+, engage in community activities and give back to the community in significant ways. They receive assistance to find the volunteer activity that best meets their goals in volunteering. Volunteer positions are available throughout the County in many areas, such as museums, parks, law enforcement and human services.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Armida Martinez
(858) 505-6448

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Air Pollution Control (APCD)

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Volunteer opportunities in environmental education or enforcement. Volunteers perform entry-level activities in administrative services.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Diane Frickey
(858) 922-0723

Environmental Health

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The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) enhances San Diegans' quality of life by protecting public health and safeguarding environmental quality, educating the public to increase environmental awareness, and implementing and enforcing local, state, and federal environmental laws. DEH regulates the following: retail food safety; public housing; public swimming pools; small drinking water systems; mobile-home parks; onsite wastewater systems; recreational water; aboveground and underground storage tanks and cleanup oversight; and medical and hazardous materials and waste. In addition, DEH serves as the Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency, prevents disease carried by rats and mosquitoes and helps to ensure safe workplaces for County employees.

UC Cooperative Extension

4-H / Master Gardener Programs

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Do you enjoy interacting, teaching and mentoring the future movers, shakers and leaders of tomorrow? If the answer is yes, becoming a 4-H adult volunteer and club leader may be for you. 4-H isn’t about cookies and cows anymore - youth can study and learn about science literacy, veterinary science, citizenship, public speaking, photography and foods and nutrition to name just a few. Through hands-on learning and positive youth-adult partnerships youth acquire knowledge and develop life skills that enable them to find and focus their energy into their passions while also giving back to the community.

Do you enjoy all things home horticulture-related? Do you like learning about how to care for plants, distinguishing good bugs from bad bugs and extending that knowledge to the community? If the answer is yes, the Master Gardener program may be for you. Applications for new Master Gardener participants are given out every two years. Call our Master Gardener hotline - 858–822-6910 for more information.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Leah Taylor
(858) 822-6932

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General Services

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The Department of General Services "keeps the County running" and our volunteers' unique strengths, skills and efforts support successful projects, strategic planning, and efficient maintenance operations.  

Volunteer Coordinator:
Danita Arrizon
(858) 694-2726

Parks & Recreation

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Student and Youth Volunteer Here

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation offers many volunteer opportunities for citizens to give back to their community, allowing the Department to increase services to visitors, provide on-the-job experience, and raises the public's awareness of how we operate to protect and preserve the natural and historic resources. Volunteer opportunities include Docent/Naturalist, Day Volunteer, Community Center volunteer, Volunteer Patrol, Park Host, Youth/Student Learning and Coaching. We also provide episodic opportunities, including one-day group projects for military, scouts, non-profits, corporate team building and court ordered community service.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Carlos Renstrom
(858) 858-966-1325

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Planning & Development Services

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Volunteer opportunities in planning and land development.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Sheryleen Dungao
(858) 694-2494