Volunteer Opportunities - Health/Human Services

Aging & Independence Services

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

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Volunteers, age 50+, engage in community activities and give back to the community in significant ways. They receive assistance to find the volunteer activity that best meets their goals in volunteering. Volunteer positions are available throughout the County in many areas, such as museums, parks, law enforcement and human services.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Armida Martinez
(858) 505-6448

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Long Term Care Ombudsman

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The Long Term Care Ombudsman program advocates for residents in Long Term Care Facilities, such as nursing homes, as well as investigates abuse in other licensed facilities.  An Ombudsman listens to concerns, provides information and assistance when requested and will investigate and resolve complaints related to care or personal rights. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the county.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Kristin Rigsbee
(858) 505-6985

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Health and Human Services

HHSA All Programs Coordinator

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HHSA offers volunteer opportunities to assist with providing a broad range of health and social services, promoting wellness, self-sufficiency, and a better quality of life for all individuals and families in San Diego County.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Sheri Boose
(858) 495-5225



HHSA Live Well San Diego

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The Live Well San Diego values should be reflected in the state of our facilities. Staff should be proud to work in our buildings and customers need to feel respected when they come through our doors. We believe well-care-for and properly maintained facilities are essential in creating a healthy, safe and thriving business environment for staff and customers and strive to ensure an efficient approach in the delivery of our services.

We are seeking a volunteer who is interested in learning more about how we execute our vision for Live Well San Diego. Volunteers will be exposed to various areas of competencies and administrative responsibilities including: database/spreadsheet design and logic, project management, and contract administration.  If you’re up for a challenge, our office offers a different learning opportunity daily, surrounded by good people.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Allison Hirahara 
(619) 977-5839


Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities

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The Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Community (HSEC), is home to the Office of Homeless Solutions, Office of Equitable Communities, and the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.  Through these three offices, we work collectively to ensure equity among all San Diegans, foster a community that is welcoming to new residents and reduce homelessness in the region.  We can provide volunteer opportunities through community outreach, program specific events and providing resources to our underserved communities, as well as, special projects and administrative duties.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Michelle Devore
(619) 672-0752