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UC Cooperative Extension

4-H Program

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Do you enjoy interacting, teaching and mentoring the future movers, shakers and leaders of tomorrow? If the answer is yes, becoming a 4-H adult volunteer and club leader may be for you. 4-H isn’t about cookies and cows anymore - youth can study and learn about science literacy, veterinary science, citizenship, public speaking, photography and foods and nutrition to name just a few. Through hands-on learning and positive youth-adult partnerships youth acquire knowledge and develop life skills that enable them to find and focus their energy into their passions while also giving back to the community.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Lori Renstrom
(858) 822-7717

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Health & Human Services

HHSA Facilities Management

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The Live Well San Diego values should be reflected in the state of our facilities. Staff should be proud to work in our buildings and customers need to feel respected when they come through our doors. We believe well-care-for and properly maintained facilities are essential in creating a healthy, safe and thriving business environment for staff and customers and strive to ensure an efficient approach in the delivery of our services.

We are seeking a volunteer who is interested in learning more about how we execute our vision for Live Well San Diego. Volunteers will be exposed to various areas of competencies and administrative responsibilities including: database/spreadsheet design and logic, project management, and contract administration.  If you’re up for a challenge, our office offers a different learning opportunity daily, surrounded by good people.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Cyndy Trinh-Keo
(619) 692-8078


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Volunteers perform a variety of duties, including, but not limited to: presenting and assisting with branch events, tutoring adult literacy learners, reading to children, helping students with homework, leading book discussion groups, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Renuka Pottathil
(858) 694-2429

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Parks & Recreation

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Student and Youth Volunteer Here

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation offers many volunteer opportunities for citizens to give back to their community, allowing the Department to increase services to visitors, provide on-the-job experience, and raises the public's awareness of how we operate to protect and preserve the natural and historic resources. Volunteer opportunities include Docent/Naturalist, Day Volunteer, Community Center volunteer, Volunteer Patrol, Park Host, Youth/Student Learning and Coaching. We also provide episodic opportunities, including one-day group projects for military, scouts, non-profits, corporate team building and court ordered community service.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Cheryl Wegner
(858) 966-1335

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Sheriff's Department

San Diego Sheriff Volunteer Program

The San Diego Sheriff's Department depends on many volunteers to provide programs and services to our communities. These volunteers work with deputies and civilian staff to provide public safety.

For more information, please email:

"Sheriff's Department Volunteer Page"