Prevention And Control

Cockroach Facts
Cockroaches are a pest and a danger to public health because they can:

  • Spread diseases and germs
  • Pollute food with droppings
  • Damage things such as cloth and books by chewing
  • Leave a mess and foul musky odor with their dead bodies, old skins and droppings

Cockroaches are widespread, and are one of the hardest household pests to control. Four types of cockroaches cause problems for people:

  1. German
  2. American 
  3. Oriental
  4. Brown Banded 

(Described in detail below)

Cockroaches will eat just about anything. They prefer to live in warm, damp areas like sewers, bathrooms, cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, basements, porches and crawl spaces.

It is also important to be aware that nymphs (baby cockroaches) look different then the adults. 

Cockroach Signs

The best signs are live cockroaches, but you should also look for:

  • Small, leather-like egg cases 

  • Old skins shed by the nymphs as they grow larger
  • Droppings along runways that look like coffee grounds

  • Brownish stains along cracks

  • Sour, musky odors

  • Dead cockroaches

Control With Insecticides
Temporary control can occur through insecticides:

  • Contact sprays will kill cockroaches on contact. They may last on surfaces up to a few hours or more
  • If sprayed in kitchen or bath areas, wash areas well
  • Residual insecticides may last a few weeks or months and come in different forms
  • Apply residual sprays into cracks, crevices and along runways as the label directs and keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Dusts are used between walls or cracks and crevices
  • Use only in dry, void spaces under cabinets, stoves, TVs, stereos, refrigerators and where it will not contaminate food
  • Baits can be used where there is little else for cockroaches to eat

Remember: Always read the label carefully before buying to make sure that it is right for your home. Follow the instructions on the label. Always keep insecticide out of the reach of children and pets.

Cockroach Species And Where They Are Found

There are 4 kinds of cockroaches likely to cause problems:

1.  German Cockroach:  It is light brown, 3/4" long and is the most common cockroach.  It prefers damp, warm places inside the home such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Adults: They have two dark stripes and males and females are similar in appearance.

Nymphs: They have two dark vertical stripes just behind their head.

Different Stages of German Cockroaches

2.  American Cockroach: It is reddish-brown and 1-1/2"long. It prefers warm, damp places outdoors such as sewers and water meters.

Adults: Wings cover their abdomens and males and females look the same. 

Nymphs: They have darker sides and segment margins.

Different Stages of American Cockroaches

3. Oriental Cockroach: It is black and 1-1/4" long. It prefers damp, cooler sites such as water-meter curb boxes, trash piles, shrubbery, and other protected outdoor areas as well as basements and sometimes sewers.

Adults: They are  black in color and their wings are shorter then abdomen.

Nymphs: They have a shiny dark reddish-brown to black color.

Different Stages of Oriental Cockroaches

4. Banded Cockroach: It is light brown, 1/2" long and prefers warm, dry places. It can be found all over the house and in furniture, closets and around the ceiling. It is less common in restaurants.

Adults: They have two pale bands across the base of the wings.

Nymphs: They have two pale bands across back.
Different Stages of Banded Cockroaches

What Renters Can Do

  1. You should inform your landlord that you have cockroaches and keep a copy of your letter.

  2. Allow your landlord to come into your home and control cockroaches.

  3. Do your part and keep your home cockroach free:

    • Clean up spills and dirty dishes right away
    • remove all food items that are out in the open
    • Store food in tightly sealed plastic containers

      Cockroach and Mice Control In Apartments  

For More Information On Cockroaches Contact A Licensed Pest Control Company.