Chemical Reporting Changes

Change in hazardous materials law might affect your business.

On October 8, 2011, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 408.  AB 408 amends the Health & Safety Code Chapter 6.95, Section 25503.5 hazardous materials inventory reporting thresholds. The changes may affect the hazardous materials inventory reporting for your facility.  AB 408 is “emergency legislation” so the changes are effective immediately.

Prior to October 8 most facilities were required to report hazardous materials inventory, if the quantities stored, or handled were equal to or exceeded 55 gallons for liquids, 500 pounds for solids, and 200 cubic feet for compressed gases. With passage of this legislation, inventory reporting quantities were changed as follows:

1.    For a solid or liquid hazardous material that is classified as a hazard solely as an irritant or sensitizer, the new reporting quantity is 5,000 pounds for solids or 550 gallons for liquids.

2.    For a hazardous material that is a gas, at standard temperature and pressure, and for which the only health and physical hazards are simple asphyxiation and the release of pressure, the new reporting quantity is 1,000 cubic feet. (Recent changes to the HSC now includes the reporting of cryogenic, refrigerated or compressed gases at the higher threshold quantity). 

3.    For oil-filled electrical equipment that is not contiguous to an electrical facility, the new reporting quantity for the oil is 1,320 gallons.

If your facility is affected by any of the above changes, and some of the hazardous materials in your facility need to be deleted or revised from your reportable inventory in CERS (
 for each hazardous material being updated. Please visit our CERS information page for more details regarding electronic submissions. 

If you have any questions regarding this change, or need assistance with these forms, please contact your area Inspector or the Hazardous Materials Duty Desk at (858) 505-6880 or e-mail