Bird of Paradise, Staghorn Fern, Spring Pruning


Original Air Date: April 2007

It's spring in San Diego , and it couldn't come too soon after the winter we've had. Record low temperatures and miniscule rainfall totals have led to a few casualties in the garden. However, Tom's veggie garden from the February episode is looking beautiful, so we start there to harvest some of the bounty. You'll get a few tips on how to know if your frozen specimens are showing signs of life.


Bird of Paradise

Speaking of tropical, we go (not literally) to subtropical South Africa , home of the bird of paradise. The plant is ideally suited for San Diego , and Tom has a couple of varieties you may not have seen. He'll also show you how to divide them to reduce the size of your clump, and make more for elsewhere in the garden.  

staghorn fernStaghorn Fern

Additionally, staghorn ferns are a type of plant that seems to like our climate, and it's picky. So San Diegans love their staggies, and Tom shows us how they grow, how to divide them, and how to mount them for display in the garden.

Tom pruningSpring Pruning

Finally, Tom gives another pruning lesson as he tackles his giant lingaro berry.



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