Front Yard Facelift


Original Air Date: February 2005

Installing a Brick Patio and Ornamental Grasses

Add one-part weeds and ten parts of building materials. Throw them all in a blender and pour the concoction over your front yard. That’s what the DTE team had to face this month. For February, we find ourselves in Encinitas. The yard is tiny and is in desperate need of a makeover. We’re going to put in a brick patio, add some irrigation and place in a variety of kid-proof, low maintenance plants. Plus this month, we’re focusing on grass – no, not lawn, but ornamental grasses. We’ll show you which ones and how to plant them.

So grab your shovels and tune in for one of the most drastic yard makeovers in DTE history.

Brick: So Many Choices

OK, so you’re sick of staring at your weeds and blah front yard. Why not put in a brick patio? Sure, it takes a little bit of time, but it’s really not that difficult and the look of brick is a timeless classic. (more)

First, the Prep Work: Leveling & Laying Down the Bones

All right, your brick is on its way, but you are still faced with a weedy, lumpy yard filled with all kinds of junk. For our yard in Encinitas, we took a day simply pulling out all the material and ripping out all the weeds. (more)

Dry Laying the Brick

All right, you just got your pallet (or two) of brick delivered and you’ll ready to construct your patio. Have a design in mind, such as “Soldiering,” “Basket Weave,” or a wealth of others. (more)

Ornamental Grasses

If turf is the only grass you know then you're missing a lot . Not only are turf grasses water hogs and require the weekly ritual of putting out the lawn mower (or talking your kids into doing it), ornamental grasses are the complete opposite. (more)

Juniperus scopulorium 'Tolleson's Weeping' Tom's Plant Pick of the Month
Juniperus scopulorium 'Tolleson's Weeping'

A cold hardy, evergreen needled tree with weeping blue foliage.  Can grow to a possible 25 feet.  It's very drought tolerant when established but looks better with some regular water.  Prunes beautifully.  The form is exceptional and they look great lighted at night, providing great shadows.


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