County Operations Center

The vision for the County Operations Center (COC) is to create a campus that capitalizes on Kearny Mesa's central geographic location to provide easily accessible government services for the public. The physical campus will demonstrate the County's commitment to a sustainable and well-designed government campus that provides long term value to the many users of the campus.

Campus Map

   ◊  Campus Map

Construction - Construction information for the County Operations Center

   ◊  Project Summary
   ◊  Construction Activity
   ◊  Project Team
   ◊  Construction Panoramas

Campus Buildings - Information and photos of buildings that make up the County Operations Center including the Campus Center and Commons

   ◊  Campus Buildings

COC Public Art

   ◊  Art Collection
   ◊  Art Locations


   ◊  RoV Tilt Up
   ◊  RoV Groundbreaking Ceremony
   ◊  A Hidden Gallery, In Plain Sight
   ◊  Building Tour

Campus Slide Shows

   ◊  COC Construction Sequence
   ◊  Finished Buildings
   ◊  How to Build a COC Office Building
   ◊  Medical Examiner's Building Construction Sequence


For more information, please contact:
Suzanne Evans, Project Manager (858) 694-2049