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Public Health Services (PHS) promotes health and improves quality of life by preventing disease, injury and disability and by protecting against, and responding to health threats and disasters. This section explores data related to this mission for all seven branches of PHS - six programmatic and one administrative.


Public Health Services: By the Numbers

Each fiscal year, PHS provides County of San Diego leadership updates on key metrics related to each departmental branch. The Public Health Services: By the Numbers Dashboard shows trended data from the last five fiscal years (FY 18/19 through FY 22/23).


Public Health Services: By the Numbers Dashboard


Public Health Metrics Dashboard (Coming soon!)

The Public Health Services Metrics Dashboard visualizes program and population health data to evaluate if PHS services are being implemented efficiently and effectively. PHS services contribute to positive change in San Diego County communities. This dashboard contains in-depth data for each of the seven branches. The dashboard visualizes program data, as well as health equity and population health goals. All of these metrics can be found in the PHS Strategic Plan 23-24 and 24-25.




Health Equity White Papers (Coming soon!)

Each branch determined a health equity goal prior to the PHS Strategic Plan 23-24 and 24-25. The Health Equity Goal is the priority that each branch adopted to address concerns about inequities. The Health Equity White Papers delve into each goal, providing methods utilized to reduce and resolve the various inequities, current data, and a discussion regarding the existing landscape, with recommendations for improvement.



The topics of the papers are:

  • Public Health Services Administration - Health Equity: A Strengthened Public Health Workforce
  • California Children’s Services - Health Equity: Transition to Adulthood Planning
  • Epidemiology and Immunization Services - Health Equity: Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • HIV, STDs, and Hepatitis Branch - Health Equity: Addressing Rising Rates of STIs and Preventing HIV Infections
  • Maternal, Child, and Family Health Services - Health Equity: Reducing African-American Infant Mortality
  • Public Health Preparedness and Response - Health Equity: Addressing Health Equity During a Public Health Emergency Response
  • Tuberculosis Control and Refugee Health - Health Equity: Moving Towards Tuberculosis Elimination


Find more information for each of the branches: