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For more information send us an email or phone 619-692-5639

Employees may take time off to give blood, with their supervisors' permission/authorization.

The San Diego County Employee Blood Drive will take place in April, at worksites throughout the County. Click here to make an appointment.

Lives depend on your blood donation!



Juan Olmeda’s Story


Juan OlmedaFor several years Border Health Assistant Juan Olmeda has organized the County of San Diego’s month-long series of blood drives.  He works with 20-plus County blood drive chair people to recruit more than 600 donations each year.  In November 2009 Juan was diagnosed with leukemia and needed large amounts of blood as part of his treatment.  Juan was able to receive a bone marrow transplant in October 2010 and returned back to work in February 2011.  Your blood donation can help to ensure that other patients like Juan have the same chance to find a matching donor.

County employees have made the annual County Blood Drive one of the San Diego Blood Bank's largest and most successful collection events. Last year, County employees donated 441 pints of blood during the Blood Drive, saving the lives of countless people.  All employees can use County time to give blood by asking for their supervisor's approval in advance.  Up to 3 lives depend on your blood donation.

The San Diego Blood Bank must collect 400 pints of blood every day. Although 80% of us will receive a blood transfusion during our lifetime, only 5% of the U.S. population donates blood.

If you cannot give blood, maybe a family member can take your place. Donors of all blood types are needed to give blood.

See the list of County blood drive sites below and make an appointment.

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