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Storytelling Festival: Encinitas Library, April 20, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

The third annual Encinitas Library Storytelling Festival is free
to the public and will feature stories for all ages.

Schedule of Events

10 a.m. • Preschool Story Time
Mary Holma, Betty Grant, Charles Johnson, James Nelson-Lucas

10-10:50 a.m. • Earth Friendly Tales
Patti Christensen, Jeff Gere, Jim Dieckmann

11 a.m. • Kids Tell Stories:
Tales From Park Dale Elementary

Emcee: Li-Anne Mufson

12-12:50 p.m. • America!
Jim Dieckmann, Fred Laskowski, Leo Baggerly

1-1:50 p.m. • Stories and Ballads
Li-Anne Mufson, Catherine Espinosa, Jeff Gere

2-2:50 p.m. • Stories of Enchantment and Transformation
Marilyn McPhie, Cynthia Griffin, Mindy Donner, Jim Dieckmann

3-3:50 p.m. • Friends and Liars
David Schmidt, Catherine Close, Jeff Gere

4-6 p.m. • Voices at the Water's Edge
Patti Christensen, Harlynne Geisler with Mindy Donner,
Fred Laskowski, Linda Whiteside, Li-Anne Roswell,
Charles Johnson, Marilyn McPhie, Jim Dieckmann

Betty Grant
Betty Grant's Fun With Music is a program of multicultural music and stories for children.

Catherine Close
Catherine Close has been named North County's Greatest Storyteller and recently became a finalist in The Search for Long Beach's Greatest Storyteller Contest.

Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson delivers zesty tunes, salty sea ballads and hilarious story songs on ukulele, harmonica, concertina, recorder, kazoo - even a paper bag!

Cynthia Griffin
Naturally drawn to merriment and the unexpected, Cynthia Griffin travels everywhere armed with her Tales with a Twist and a grin, to rescue weary spirits in need of wonder and delight.

David Schmidt
David Schmidt is a writer, folklorist and storyteller who has collected legends and oral traditions in 25 different countries.

Fred Laskowski
Fred Laskowski is a Marriage and Family Therapist currently working in the public schools, where his storytelling abilities enliven and enrich his interactions with the students.

Harlynne Geisler
Harlynne Geisler has been a professional storyteller since 1980, entertaining in schools, libraries, museums, parties, and festivals nationwide.

James Nelson-Lucas
James Nelson-Lucas tells tales from historic to humorous, folk to fantastic, educational to entertaining.

Jeff Gere
Born on Halloween, Jeff Gere lives in Honolulu, where he hosts and produces the Talk Story Festival, Hawaii's largest storytelling celebration; and Talk Story Radio, weekly Pacific stories and podcasts.

Jim Dieckmann
Jim Dieckmann enjoys the wonders of the natural world and tells folk tales and original stories about the sea, the sky, the Earth and the creatures that live there.

Leo Baggerly
Leo Baggerly, a retired physicist who worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, brings a confused and skeptical perspective to his stories.

Linda Whiteside
Linda Whiteside is a storyteller in the Healing Arts Department at Rady Children's Hospital. Her bilingual style, fluidly weaving English and Spanish, delights audiences of all ages.

Li-Anne Mufson
Li-Anne Mufson's stories emphasize traditional lore and range from fairies and myths to thought-provoking tales of conflict resolution.

Marilyn McPhie
Marilyn McPhie, a professional storyteller since 1985, has a fondness for old stories with new twists.

Mary Holma
Mary Holma pulls out of her storytelling hat a smorgasbord of folktales, anecdotes, and other entertaining stories of a little of this and a bit of that, always carrying a poem in her pocket and a song in her heart.

Mindy Donner
Mindy Donner has been spinning yarns for all ages with her group, Spinning Wheel Players, blending music, sometimes puppets, and encouraging audience participation with rhythm instruments.

Patti Christensen
Patti Christensen creates a magical program for all ages, sharing the enthusiasm of rollicking fun stories and songs with plenty of participation.

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