Energy Saving Adventures




Energy Saving Adventures (ESA) is a progressive REC Club program that allows youth to take charge of our future through resource preservation. This daily after-school program inspires and empowers youth to create change in the world around them. Through films, tournaments, experiments, and field trips, each day, teens get to tackle important concepts through an Energy Saving Adventure!

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Learn More About Energy Saving Adventures

RECXplorers is an outdoor adventure program run through the REC Club, which focuses on developing an appreciation for the outdoors and building ethics for ongoing environmental stewardship. Working together, ESA and RECXplorers have developed a program that culminates environmental energy education through a hybrid project of sustainability and outdoor recreation.

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Summer Field Trips

Event Dates Event Location
Surf Trip (LSTC)** August 14 Coronado
Beach Clean-up August 23 TBD

*SVTC = Spring Valley Teen Center
**LSTC = Lakeside Teen Center

REC Xplorers Rock Climbing Trip
REC Xplorers Mtn Bike Trip
REC Xplorers Surf Trip