Resource Management Plans


View photos taken from motion-activated wildlife cameras hidden in County Preserves. The photos show that the County's preserve system is more than a sanctuary form humans - it is a vast haven for wildlife as well.

The County of San Diego is one of several jurisdictions participating in the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). The overall MSCP goal is to maintain and enhance biological diversity in the region and conserve viable populations of endangered, threatened, and key sensitive species and their habitats, thereby preventing local extirpation and ultimate extinction. The goal of the plan is to acquire or permanently protect 98,379 acres in the unincorporated area of South County. In the eleven years since the MSCP South County Subarea Plan was approved, thousands of acres of land have been added to the MSCP by local, State and Federal agencies. The overall effect of the MSCP is that it provides for large, connected preserve areas that address a number of species at the habitat level rather than species by species, and area-by-area. This creates a more efficient and effective preserve system as well as better protection for the rare, threatened and endangered species in the region.

Major programs are in place to manage, maintain and monitor plant and animal life on the lands once they are in the preserve in order to ensure the conservation of their unique resources. The County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is responsible for managing the MSCP lands the County owns and acquires. Management activities include but are not limited to, trash removal, passive recreation, ranger patrol, signage and fencing, fire management, non-native plant species removal and cultural resource protection.

DPR is also responsible for monitoring these MSCP lands. Selected species and habitats are carefully monitored with the goal of ensuring the long-term health of populations of priority plant and animal species. Functional habitats and wildlife linkages will also be ensured through these activities.

To view information regarding specific lands managed and monitored by the County, please click on one of the following links:

Map of South County MSCP Subarea Plan Management and Monitoring Efforts

MSCP Annual Reports

Preserves/Parks Open to the Public:

Resource Management Plan & Monitoring Data

Barnett Ranch Preserve
Del Dios Highlands Preserve
El Capitan Preserve
El Monte Regional Park
Heise Regional Park
Hellhole Canyon Preserve*
Lakeside Linkage Preserve
Lusardi Creek Preserve
Oakoasis Preserve
Ramona Grasslands Preserve*
Sage Hill Preserve*
Santa Margarita Preserve*
Santa Ysabel Preserve*
Simon Preserve*
Stelzer Regional Park
Stoneridge Preserve
Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch Preserve
Tijuana River Valley Regional Park
Wilderness Gardens Preserve*
Preserves/Parks Currently Closed to the Public:  
Boulder Oaks Preserve
Escondido Creek Preserve*
Furby-North Property*
Lawrence and Barbara Daley Preserve
Mt. Olympus Preserve*
Otay Ranch Preserve
San Luis Rey River Park

*Preserves are located outside of the South County MSCP Subarea Plan boundaries