Building Division Online Permits

The Building Division accepts applications for permits online for residential permits for glazing (window) replacement with no net area change; roof-mounted solar PV; water heater replacement; gas line repairs; water sprinklers; HVAC/furnace/ducts replacement; electric heat pump or AC repair or replacement, or electrical service upgrade for existing main panel.

The link button below allows you to complete your permit application.  There is no charge for many of these permit types.  For those permits for which fees are not charged, fees are waived under the Homeowner's Relief Act.

You must include a valid e-mail address when applying for a permit.  When your permit application is processed, we will only send notification to the e-mail address you provide.

We will make every effort to respond the same day if your application is received early in the business day, but please allow up to three working days for processing.  You will be contacted with a disposition.  If the permit is issued, we will provide your permit Record ID number, the permit's tracking number, and information on how to call for inspections.  Please make sure to tell the inspector that you are an online permittee.


By clicking the Online Permit Application button above, I affirm the following:

That NO work or installation will commence prior to the issuance of a permit and that all work will be performed to meet the standards of all laws regulating construction/operation in this jurisdiction.  I hereby agree that I will, in all respects, perform the work in accordance with the scope of the permit, the County-adopted building codes and all other applicable laws, regulations, standards and ordinances.

That all information given will be accurate and that all work will be done in compliance with all applicable laws regulating construction and zoning.


Help Guide: For assistance applying for a permit online, please see the How to Apply for a Permit in Accela Citizen Access guidance document, and the roof-mount solar PV online application guidance document.  Additional information is available on our Accela Updates web page.

Notes: This online application is restricted exclusively to permits of certain types.  Any work beyond this scope cannot be permitted online and is expressly not permitted by submittal of this application for a permit.