Equine Ordinance

The Equine Policy and Ordinance Development project (POD 11-011) updated the County of San Diego’s Zoning Ordinance with regard to equine uses.  On July 13, 2011(1) the Board of Supervisors directed staff to develop an ordinance for the permitting of a commercial horse stable.  

On September 11, 2013(1) the project was presented to the Board, with a tiered system of permitting that eliminated the need for a discretionary permit for some horse stables depending on the numbers of horses and the size of usable acreage for a stable.  The focus of the changes in the ordinance was to regulations for commercial horse stables, in particular the requirement for a Major Use Permit in certain areas.  The project provides greater permit flexibility with regulation tiers that are more restrictive with the intensity of the equine options starting with a ministerial approval for the least intensive. 


Horse Image

The project was approved by the Board of Supervisors on September 11, 2013.  The ordinance was effective Friday October 11, 2013.  Here is the adopted ordinance and the Board's minute order approving the project:  


FAQ and permit documents for the new permit types:

Contact Zoning for an appointment to submit plans for a new Horse Stable permit at 858-565-5981

Final Environmental Impact Report August 2013

Planning Commission Report June 14, 2013

Horse Maps

Large view, countywide map showing where Commercial Horse Stables are allowed under previous zoning:

County Commercial Horse Stable Map

Stable Interviews Map 2012-2013

Additional Equine Ordinance Information and Project Timeline:

Summer - Winter 2012 Community Planning and Sponsor Group Presentations regarding the Draft Ordinance Outline and Draft EIR.

January 19 - February 17, 2012 - POD 11-011,  Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report public review

October 2011 - POD 11-011, Draft Ordinance Summary with initial recommendations on the project.  

July 2011 - POD 10-010, staff was directed by the Board to develop a tiered Equine Ordinance.  For additional information on the options that were considered, refer to the:  July 13, 2011 Board Letter

May 2011 - POD 10-010, staff presented the Equine Options to the Planning Commission for consideration.  For additional information refer to the: Planning Commission Hearing Report

March 2011 - the Board directed staff to Explore Options for Updating Equine Regulations:  Item # 2 Equine Board Letter March 2, 2011 

Information links regarding Best Management Practices in the County:

County of San Diego – Watershed Protection Program

Links to information from the County Watershed Protection Program regarding:

Equine Facilities Best Management Practices