BMP Design Manual Now In Effect

BMPThe County of San Diego (County) has finalized the County BMP Design Manual. The second draft was released on January 25 and the final BMP Design Manual was posted on February 18 along with responses to public comments.

The Manual and Appendices incorporate County-specific guidance for planning, selecting, and designing structural BMPs for new development and redevelopment projects. Appendices include guidance on Critical Coarse Sediment Yield, Offsite Alternative Compliance, Green Infrastructure, and Prior Lawful Approval (PLA).

The requirements in the County BMP Design Manual became effective on February 26, 2016 and replaced the current County Standard Urban Runoff Stormwater Mitigation Plan (SUSMP).

  • Projects without Prior Lawful Approval on or after February 26, 2016 will be subject to the requirements of the County BMP Design Manual.
  • Projects that received PLA before February 26, 2016 will be subject to the requirements of the County SUSMP.

A letter from Planning & Development Services (PDS) is posted for Project Applicants on Updated Stormwater Permit Requirements (effective 2/26/2016) along with attachments that summarize requirements for complying with the Land Development Provisions of the 2013 MS4 Permit and Guidelines on Establishing PLA to proceed under earlier MS4 Permit provisions.

The BMP Design Manual, Appendices, and the letter to Project Applicants are currently posted here.


2015 General Plan Annual Progress Report

gparThe State requires the County to prepare an Annual Progress Report to inform the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (Board) and residents of San Diego County about the status of the implementation of the County General Plan. The report will be presented to the Board at the March 16  hearing. PDS prepared the 2015 report with input from other departments, including County Housing and Community Development, the Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Environmental Health, and General Services. This report highlights accomplishments in completing both discretionary and County-initiated planning activities, capital improvement , and housing programs during calendar year 2015.

For additional information, please contact Bob Citrano at (858) 694-3229 or Robert.Citrano@sdcounty.ca.gov. The 2015 report is now  available on the Advance Planning web site.


Unlicensed Contractors Eye El Niño As Opportunity To Prey on Consumers

Recent homeowner interest in storm-proofing against El Niño events highlights another benefit of obtaining a building permit through PDS:  Safeguards against unlicensed contractors with unscrupulous motives.

In a recent sting conducted in San Diego, the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) caught 15 unlicensed contractors who placed bids on a home improvement project that included waterproofing and drainage repairs.  At least one of the suspects has a criminal record, which includes taking nearly $10,000 for a job he never started.

PDS will not issue any building permit without verifying the involvement of a CSLB-licensed contractor or confirming the homeowner will take responsibility for the work.  A state contractor license is necessary for any bid of $500 or more for the total costs of labor and materials.


Code Compliance Corner


A neighbor contacted Code Compliance to report a property owner in her residential neighborhood who had a large amount of waste and debris on his property along with several commercial vehicles. Staff reached out to the property owner who quickly cleaned the property and removed the vehicles.



Welcome Aboard

laurelLaurel Lees

Planning Manager, Advance Planning

Laurel joins the Advance Planning Division as a Planning Manager. Her professional experience includes over seven years in environmental planning providing consulting services to local, state and federal agencies, military, ports, municipalities, universities, and private developers. In addition to her professional experience, Laurel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of San Diego. She also holds professional certificates in Urban Planning and Development and Grant Writing. With Laurel’s knowledge and experience, she will be a valued asset to PDS and the Advance Planning team.


Did you know?

palomarThe Spanish name "Palomar" means “pigeon roost" in English and comes from the Spanish colonial era in Alta California when Palomar Mountain was known as the home of band-tailed pigeons. During the 1890s, the human population on Palomar Mountain was sufficient to support three public schools, and it was a popular summer resort for Southern California, with three hotels in operation part of the time, and a tent city in Doane Valley each summer.

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