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Camp Barrett is located in the rural community of Alpine, near Descanso. Camp Barrett provides two commitment options to the Juvenile Court. The first commitment, Breaking Cycles and Drug Court, serve youth ages 13 to 18 years old and accommodates commitment programs from 28 to 240 days, with an average stay of approximately 90 days. The second commitment, Camp Barrett, is focused on a higher level of delinquent males, ages 16.5 through 18 years committed to 365 days with a possibility of getting released as early as five months for good behavior and excellent participation in programming.

Camp Barrett’s goal is to provide committed youths with the training and skills necessary for successful reintegration into society. To accomplish this goal, each youth is required to attend school, complete assigned camp work tasks, and complete a demanding structured program designed support their successful reintegration back into the community. Youth with disabilities, who meet the criteria for a camp commitment are accommodated and Close Captioning is available.

Programs offered include: Aggression Replacement Therapy, Building/Ground Maintenance, Cal I.D., College Education, Community Service, County Operations Road Crews, Culinary Arts, Fire Science, GED, Graphic Arts Design, High School Diploma, Green 

Technology, Parenting Classes, Reading Legacies, Religious Services, Social Tolerance/Gang 
Awareness, Special Education, Substance Abuse Education and Treatment, Team Leadership Training, Teen Relationship Violence, and Work Readiness. In addition to the programs provided, integrated behavioral intervention strategies area utilized to enhance the intrinsic motivation of youth’s behavior change to promote pro-social values and accountability for their own actions. As part of this process, the youth must complete Camp Barrett’s Steps to Success Phase program along with mandatory programs designed to increase the likelihood of successful reintegration. 

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  • Procedures on notifying youth of critical incidents

    If there is a family crisis, such as a death or serious illness of a family member, and you’d like to notify your child, please call the facility and notify the Watch Commander first. We can then ensure that there are appropriate mental health professionals available to support your child, and assist in making any arrangements that are appropriate for the situationVisiting Information

  • Release Information

    When a youth is within one week of release, the parents are permitted to send in or bring to visiting the youths release clothing. Youths can be picked up at Camp Barrett the morning of their release or they can be transported to Juvenile Hall for pick up by the parents. An Officer will call the parents/guardians the night before his release to finalize the release arraingements.  

    If a youth is terminated from the program, the parents/guardians will be sent a letter outlining the procedure for obtaining the youths property. The Camp Barrett warehouse will keep the youths belongings for up to 90 days. Arrangements can be made to pick up the belongings at Camp Barrett or they can be sent to Juvenile Hall for pick up. An appointment must be made prior to the pickup of property at either location. 

  • Visiting Information

    Visiting occurs every Sunday between the hours of 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. You must arrive in camp prior to 2:30 PM in order to visit.

    The visiting time schedule is the same for holidays.

    Following are some regulations regarding visiting at Camp Barrett:

    • Parents, grandparents, and legal guardians are permitted to visit. Other visitors may be approved through prior authorization of the youth’s probation officer and the facility division chief.
    • You must bring a current valid photo I.D. (CDL, Passport, etc.)
    • Special visits are normally conducted on Saturdays from 1-3pm. This must be pre-approved through the youth’s probation officer or the Camp supervisor and a special appointment made for the visit.
    • Camp Barrett offers tele-visiting through Skype/Google Hangout to parents/ guardians who are not able to visit their youth. To make arrangements for tele-visiting,call (619)401-4901.
    • Visitors may bring two 20oz sealed beverages per person.  Beverages must be in sealed plastic containers.
    • Visitors may bring playing cards; however, they must take them with them when they leave.
    • Once the youth has reported to the visit, the visitor cannot return to their vehicle unless they are willing to terminate their visit for the day.
    • Visitors are not allowed to be "DROPPED OFF" or walk into camp.  If the driver of a vehicle is not an authorized visitor; the entire visiting group must leave.  No person or persons are authorized to remain in a vehicle while others are visiting.
    • Wallets/purses, cash, credit cards etc. are not allowed inside the visiting area. A single key and a photo I.D. are allowed to be in the visitor’s possession.

Frequently Asked Questions

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