Supporting Families

Helping Families Flourish

Supporting the people and families who rely upon our multitude of services, especially those who are vulnerable, is always a core responsibility and priority. 

Helping small businesses succeed.

This year, we initiated a two-year pilot program that could give aspiring chefs an economic hand-up by allowing them to turn their homes or apartments into mini-restaurants. Micro Enterprise Home Kitchens, or MEHKOs, can serve up to 30 in-person, take-out or delivery meals a day, up to 60 meals a week. We also offered “microbusinesses” $2,500 grants with help from the California Office of the Small Business Advocate. The grants can provide an economic boost to the smallest of small businesses, like pet sitters, shoppers, cleaners and home health care workers, and sidewalk vendors like food cart operators. 

"Mario has been so helpful and responsive in my produce and cottage food application process. I am deeply appreciative of his efforts!"

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Meeting people where they are with the support they need.

Our Health and Human Services Agency added a new Live Well Mobile Office, a bus that delivers a wide range of County services right to our communities’ doors. Two more buses will be added. And our Parks Department started an “Experience the Outdoors” campaign to bring more people to County parks, and County parks to more people. The campaign features a Parks 101: First Timer series, designed specifically to reach people who are newcomers to outdoor experiences, whether it’s because they don’t have money for equipment or never had the opportunity or time to go to parks. The series provides equipment and teaches skills like camping, mountain-bike safety, fishing and rock climbing.

And our new budget brings additional funding and new County workers to focus on the day-to-day needs of residents at home and at work. In-Home Supportive Services for older adults and people who are blind or disabled will add 60 new positions. 

Another 100 positions will bolster essential services, including CalFresh and Medi-Cal, to help people get the food and health care they need. Child Welfare Services will add 100 new positions to increase emergency response support and quality placement for children in care, and to strengthen prevention services and continue improving connecting families to community-based services.


Seniors, Blind and Disabled Residents Received 
In-Home Supportive Services



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