Sustainablity and Fighting Climate Change

Creating a Sustainable Future

Reversing the effects of climate change is critical to our future, but it is a long road. The threats of climate change are clear — historic heat waves, Arctic warming, California’s extreme drought and shrinking water supply, larger wildfires, even predictions of future California megafloods. Our County is leading the way in the region to address and reverse climate change, in big and small ways.

An ambitious plan.

The County is creating an ambitious plan that aims to move the entire region toward zero-carbon emissions by 2045. The Regional Decarbonization Framework is being developed in partnership with the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy and other energy, transportation and building systems experts. The plan’s final technical report was released in August, using additional stakeholder input to outline ways to achieve the goal through things like vehicle emission reductions, changes in buildings and homes, and alternatives to fossil fuels such as solar and wind energy. 

The County also continues to take numerous actions to reduce greenhouse gases in our unincorporated communities as we work to create a new County Climate Action Plan. We conserve agricultural and open space, waive permit fees to encourage rooftop solar panels, plant thousands of trees, add electric vehicles and renewable energy, and encourage people to recycle and divert more trash from landfills where it can create methane.


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- Park Visitor


Creating more opportunities for sustainability.

In the past year, our Planning & Development Services Department launched an Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide webpage to encourage and help more people choose electric vehicles. And we opened a Demonstration Garden at the County Operations Center to help sow the seeds of sustainable, nutritional living.

Our new budget will invest more than $25 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including $1 million to support electric vehicle charging stations. It will also address other environmental improvements for stormwater, the County’s Multiple Species Conservation Program and to improve the Tijuana River Valley.

The budget will also spend $2 million to keep more cars off the road and bring healthcare to residents by adding two Live Well on Wheels vehicles and a mobile public health lab.



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