Helen N. Robbins-Meyer

Chief Administrative Officer

Better Together

In this annual report, you will see highlights of many achievements. You will also note one simple truth—in San Diego County we are better together. From County government and you—the people we serve—to our cities, community groups and organizations, it is clear that by working together, we are creating a region enhanced by collaboration and partnership.

This collective dedication to strengthening San Diego County has led us to take on the region’s most pressing issues together. From affordable housing and climate change to sustainability, public and behavioral health, justice reform and homelessness, our collaboration and your input are at the critical center of any success.

County programs and services are built on the values established by our Board of Supervisors: integrity, equity, excellence, access, sustainability and belonging.

They are also shaped by you and what you have told us matters most to you.

" is clear that by working together, we are creating a region enhanced by collaboration and partnership."

This year, together we accomplished a lot and are building a better present and future. One that ensures equity for all, is strong enough to bounce back from adversity and can simultaneously promote progress and protect our environment. 

While the County will always provide essential services, we will also continue to work with you, our partners, in proactively addressing our region’s big issues. 

As I look toward the future, I am heartened by the fact that the partnerships formed through our work have provided a strong foundation for more innovation to come. As always, we’ll engage and connect with you along the way so we’re not just building for you, but with you. 

I invite you to read this report and learn more about how we are all, truly, better together.