About CTN


San Diego's County Television Network (CTN) provides premier local programming. CTN is a hometown blend of C-SPAN, the Lifetime, History, Travel, and Discovery channels.

Since 1996, CTN has made County government accessible, understandable and interesting through its news, information and public interest programming. We air live coverage and tape replays of all County Board of Supervisors' meetings, giving viewers a unique window into the workings of local government and the track records of our elected officials.

CTN regularly airs programs that educate and inform County residents about important government services, events, and local issues.

A special note to our viewers: Not all CTN programs are available in all areas, at all times. If you can't find CTN on your cable system, please call your cable company. Ask them to give CTN its own channel. CTN is funded by fees paid by San Diego County cable companies.