Helen N. Robbins-Meyer

Chief Administrative Officer

With your help, we are building the future of the County of San Diego!

A future that is just, sustainable and resilient. One committed to equity for all. Strong enough to withstand adversity and bounce back. And farsighted enough to promote progress and still preserve our environment and natural resources for future generations.

Our new $7.36 billion budget for fiscal year 2022-23 meets that vision, building out the framework our Board of Supervisors has established. It includes support to transform our behavioral health system and to treat substance use. Funding to create places to stay for those experiencing homelessness. Money and added staff to support families at home and on the job. Actions and new offices to provide racial justice and equity throughout our services. Investment in our communities, from new facilities to community gardens. Staff and resources to assist immigrants get established in their new home. It includes actions to address climate change and environmental justice. And it increases use of data to drive decisions and measure results. 

While committing to new goals, we continue to deliver our traditional essential services, using funds responsibly for health and social services, public safety and land use. The new budget is 1.8% larger than last year’s, it enhances services and adds employees to serve you.

For example, 100 new positions to help get food, health care and other essential services to those in need. One hundred new positions for Child Welfare Services and 40 for Child Support Services to strengthen families. One hundred fifteen positions to continue redirecting our behavioral health system from crisis response to continuous care. Ninety positions for Public Defender to provide legal defense and improve transitions back to the community. And 71 new public health positions to heighten our public health capacity.

Our new budget is one for all, shaped by diverse community input and an evaluation of equity across our operations to eliminate longstanding disparities in our communities.

It is rooted in the here and now — and in building the future of San Diego County.


2022-23 Adopted Budget Executive Summary

2022-23 Adopted Budget Press Release

Key Budget Dates

May 4, 2023

CAO Recommended Budget Released to the Public

May 11-12, 2023

CAO Recommended Budget Presentations

Community Budget Meetings

Date(s) to be announced for 2023

June 5, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

June 8, 2023 @ 5:30 PM

Public Hearings on CAO Recommended Budget

June 16, 2023

CAO Recommended Change Letter Release to the Public

June 27, 2023

Budget Deliberations and Adoption

How To Get Involved

Participate in budget presentations, hearings, deliberations and adoption at upcoming Board of Supervisors meetings.


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$7.36 Billion

Adopted Operational Plan Fiscal Year 2022-23

Explore the various budgeted revenues adopted by the Board of Supervisors. This includes revenue from taxes, fees, and other charges for services.


$7.36 Billion

Adopted Operational Plan Fiscal Year 2022-23

Explore the various budgeted expenditures adopted by the Board of Supervisors. This includes expenditures in public safety, health, land use, and finance & general government.

Historical Documents

A comprehensive overview of the CAO's recommended financial plan for the County's operations for the next two fiscal years.

Proposed changes to the CAO Recommended Operational Plan submitted by the CAO and/or members of the Board of Supervisors. The CAO Change Letter updates the Recommended Operational Plan with information that becomes available after the latter document is published.

The Board of Supervisors' two-year financial plan that allocates resources to specific programs and services that support the County's long-term goals; it includes the adopted budget for the first year and a tentative budget that is approved in principle for the second year.